The Van You Didn’t Know you Needed

November 23rd, 2023 by

Meet The Tartan Prancer,

The “Honda of ALBANIA”


While we all gather with family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday it may be time to start rethink our means of travel. Will the flight leave on time or even at all? Will we make our connecting flight or will we be stranded in a connecting hub city?

It is time to take your travel into your own hands! Hit the road with the flexibility to stop and go when you want to!

With Luxury options like an in-dash water fountain an

d exterior Martini glass holder, we feel they may have thought about everything on this one!


If the Prancer is not your style maybe one of our incredible LUXE Cruiser Luxury Sprinters will fit perfectly!

With Exclusive Offers from LAC like
  • Extended Financing Terms
  • No Payments Until 2024
  • 80% Single Year Jumbo Tax Incentives for 2023
What are you waiting for?

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