Life-Size Lego McLaren 720S Is More Handcrafted Than the Real Thing

June 12th, 2018 by

Life-Size Lego McLaren 720S Is More Handcrafted Than the Real Thing

The rarest 720S finds a home at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

For a limited time, C/D’s office lot has something in common with the Petersen Automotive Museum: Parked at both places is an orange McLaren 720S. But while the C/D test car is rare, the Petersen’s example is unique; theirs is made of more than 280,000 Lego bricks.

Visitors to the museum snapped the last orange pieces into perfect CAD-assisted formation last Saturday. The completed, 1:1 scale McLaren sits on real Pirellis and black rims. What’s interesting is that the Lego 720S required nearly 20 times as many handcrafted hours to complete as a real 720S, which only takes 12 working days at McLaren’s Woking, England, plant. It’s also several hundred pounds heavier, since Lego admittedly has not invested millions in composite-material research; the Lego version also has a steel frame that pushes the weight to 3200 pounds.

Our 720S won’t be around forever (sadly), and neither will the Petersen’s, which will be on display through August 19. Like the P1 toy from 2014, McLaren has also blessed a smaller Lego 720S kit, which has just 161 pieces. We’d still need a solid working day to build that.

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