Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the Summer Heat

March 21st, 2018 by

Checking Your Engine Cooling System

Most summer breakdowns are cause by failed cooling systems that causes vehicles to overheat. The radiator in your vehicle keeps your engine cool and may needs water and coolant ~antifreeze~  to function. Check the level of liquid in your cooling system and add more if necessary. Remember to never add liquid to a hot engine. If you need to add more liquid, wait for the engine to cool down to avoid any possibility of being burned or cracking your engine block. Never open radiator cap when hot, it may explode coolant all over you.

High Heat Can Zap Your Battery

Signs of a low battery can be dim headlights or clicking sounds when turning the key in the ignition. Some studies say that car batteries are more likely to fail in the summer heat than they would in the winter. Why? Because of the extreme summer heat causing electric components  to put  a constant drain on the battery. By keeping the battery charged  and in a cool location you can help prevent these thing from happening. AAA Arizona recommends getting your battery checked twice a year especially if its an older car battery. Make sure that your Battery water levels are filled to the level line.


Watch Your Gas Levels

Make sure to keep your gas levels above 1 quatar tank. The harder your A/C has to work means the more gas you spend. If youre stuck in a traffic jam, you could guzzle your supply faster than expected. Running on an empty tank can turn into a mcuh more serious situation. Now you are not only dealing with the issue of not having much gas, youll also have an issue of being swtuck on the side of the rode

Inspecting your Vehicles  Tires

Friction cayses heat, and tires produce friction. Normally friction emiited by your tires is not bad. But the heat starts the rise and the pavement begins to boil y, your tires begin to produce and exceeded amount of friction which can cause dangerous amounts of stress on underinflated, cracked, or otherwise damaged tires. Keeping your tires inflated is crucial to making


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