FOX2: ‘Goldrush Rally’ burns rubber during police escort through St. Louis

July 3rd, 2018 by

ST. LOUIS, MO — A 10 day trip across the US that started in Boston made its way through St. Louis Wednesday. The 75 designer cars in the “Goldrush Rally” were escorted by St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department within the city limits. FOX 2 reporter Katie Kormann observed some cars peeling out, and burning rubber near the St. Louis Arch.  Some of the bigger trucks were driving up on the curb.  That was all while being escorted by police.

A group of friends started the annual road trip a decade ago and it has grown from there. Participants must buy tickets now. Their Facebook page describes the event as, “A mixture of an exotic & supercar rally, nightlife parties, celebrities, DJ’s, and VIP participants.”

The Goldrush Rally is now headed to Memphis. More information:

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