August 7th, 2018 by
Apparently throwing its hat into the small-batch hypercar ring, Bugatti plans to unveil its interpretation of ultimate performance at this year’s Quail motorsports gathering. Details are slim on the new Bugatti, but it doesn’t appear to be just a special edition of its ultra-luxe Chiron. No, according to Bugatti, the Divo — as it will be called — will sport a “distinctive new design that underlines driving dynamics.”Named after legendary Bugatti driver Albert Divo, the hypercar will be lighter than the Chiron, with more focus on driving dynamics. There’s no word on power, but we imagine it won’t dip too far below the Chiron’s 1,500 hp. The high-horsepower W16 engine combined with a balanced and lightweight chassis would easily bring Bugatti into the discussion Aston-Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG Project One competitors.

This closely cropped picture of the Divo shows more aggressive aero and different styling than the Chiron.

Like the rest of Bugatti’s lineup, the Divo will be exclusive — even more exclusive than the Chiron. The folks at Bugatti plan to limit Divo production to just 40 cars, which could mean that all the examples are spoken for — if not already sold.

If they aren’t all spoken for, you’ll have a couple of weeks to scrape together the $5.8 million (5 million euros) it will take to drag one of these to your airplane hangar. We’re sure more details will be ironed out after its debut during Monterey Car Week.