MOTOR1: Winter Is Coming To LA, Mercedes-AMG G500 4×4 Gets Snow Plow

September 28th, 2018 by

You know for plowing the several feet of snow that falls in Los Angeles every year.

It appears that YouTube star Logan Paul is going into the snow removal business because his Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4×4² now boasts a custom plow on the front. We’re not sure that there are many opportunities to plow driveways in Los Angeles, though, unless climate change brings some major variations in the area’s famously warm weather.

The LA-based shop RDB handled the custom installation. Most G-Class 4×4² owners don’t use their SUV as a snow plowing rig, so the mechanics have to create a unique bracket for attaching the heavy part. The setup is quite slick and allows for quick removal or installation of the plow.

RDB came up with an odd way to test the bracket’s strength by ramming into a co-worker’s Jaguar, lifting it, and pushing the luxury sedan down the street. Onlookers who don’t know what’s going on are shocked to see what appears to be a rather extreme act of road rage. Plus, a G-Class with a snow plow isn’t a common sight anywhere.

The G-Class 4×4² makes for a far more luxurious rig than the usual pickups that plow driveways across the U.S. in the winter. To make the cabin even more opulent, RDB also adds a Rolls-Royce-inspired starlight headliner that can switch colors and patterns. This is just one more feature to make this already flashy SUV even more ostentatious.

Paul is excited by his upgraded ride and says that he plans to leave the snow plow on the G-Class. We can’t imagine what he intends to use it for – other than the eye-catching appearance. At least if his popularity on YouTube wanes, Paul can now fall back on plowing driveways in style.

Source:  RDBLA via YouTube


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