6X6 Challenge Side-by-Side Comparison

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LAC 6X6 CHallenge

6×6 and why??


When most people think of a 6X6 they think of military monsters and large over-sized commercial trucks. The last names that come to our mind is Mercedes-Benz or Ford, but that is changing rather quickly! For years we have seen military vehicles with three axle’d 6X6 setups and it just seems right because, you know it is for war and stuff! Most people don’t see going to the store in the concrete jungles of suburbia anywhere close to a run through the Outback! But, in all practicality if you have 4X4 I will want 6X6 and wants 8X8! It is the beautiful part of cars and trucks in general!

Multiple Examples of Military 6X6

History and Reasoning of the 6×6 Craze

Originally designed for the boarder patrol of Australia which I though was a little strange because it is an island, but that is for another day! The Patrol required more payload so Mercedes answered with another drive axle and frame extension for that purpose! Obviously it is not what we think of here today in the US and it certainly does not look as cool, but it serves it’s purpose and that has continued on in newer versions.

So when Mercedes announced in 2013 they would be producing a specialty version of the G63 in a 6X6 through the AMG division for the general public, you can imagine everyone’s hands went up and then most of us in the US were quickly devastated to learn they would not be released in the US. 🙁

Thank god that did not stop a handful of Great Americans like Dan Bilzerian from jumping through hoops and knowing the right people to get some US deliveries setup for Emissions here in the states. We just happen to be some of those crazy guys as well!

There have been a lot of recent entries into this line of extreme trucks ranging from 1 of 1 customs to small production and performance companies. The first to enter the platform in a large way was our guys at the Texas  Based  Hennessey Performance with their answer to the G63 6X6 which was based off the Ford Raptor platform. The “VelociRaptor 6X6” is certainly a different beast!

In addition to Hennessey Performance there are multiple custom shops like the guys at “Diesel Brothers” from the TV show on discovery that are known for their incredible versions of 6X6 monsters!(Shameless Plug, I am a fan and looking for a Demo! 😉 We have been big fans after seeing their work at our good client Marshmello‘s truck at our friend’s shop RDBLA getting a few upgrades to make it proper for Coachella. There have also been some cool Jeep 6X6 versions but we have not seen those in-house yet!

Comment below with your favorite 6X6 versions and tag the manufacture so we can get a version for further testing! 😉

6X6 Jumping

6X6 Challenge Specs

2014 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 BRABUS B700

HENNESSEY  VelociRaptor 6X6

The Main Event


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