These sleek vehicles bear no resemblance to any van you’ve ever seen. They’re more like private jets with four wheels instead of wings and they’re so luxurious and technology-laden inside, it would come as no surprise to see a British secret agent step out wearing a suit from Savile Row. Outside, it presents a sleek, stylish appearance befitting the lifestyle of the busy executive. Inside, there’s leather everywhere, much of it double-stitched. The beautifully lustrous wood veneer that trims the interior is fitted to perfection, displaying a level of craftsmanship that’s a source of deep pride for Midwest Automotive Designs, a premier Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van upfitter based in Elkhart, Indiana. It’s a part of the country that once produced some of the grandest touring cars ever made – with names like Auburn, Cord, Marmon and of course, the legendary Duesenberg. Midwest Automotive Designs typically caters to business execs who travel regionally, where it makes sense to drive rather than fly. So a partnership with Luxury Auto Collection to represent their most popular models of executive and family travel vans on the west coast makes a great fit. Midwest Automotive Designs has always been a trendsetter and “wrote the book” on Sprinter upfitting for Mercedes-Benz Vans with a history of close to 20 years now, so take a look around and see why Midwest is the “Gold Standard!”

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LUXE Daycruiser

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